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Frequently asked questions

At what age can you be baptised?
Baptism can occur at any age, from 0 - 100+.

What time do baptisms take place?
Baptism for children, and adults, take place during either of the two Sunday morning services.

How do we arrange a baptism?
You can either email us here or phone St. Margaret’s 07 4051 1070 and make an appointment to arrange the baptism.

What should my child wear for their baptism?
We have no dress regulations but suggest something comfortable. Some people still like a formal baptism gown, but it is not essential.

Do we have to have Godparents?
At least one Baptised Godparent is preferred.

How much does baptism cost?
There is no set fee for baptism — we suggest a donation that will be used for ministry.

Do we have to go to church?
We would love you to come and meet the church family —- this builds community and strengthens family.

Can we take photos?
We encourage you to capture this special day by any means you wish. Using cameras and videos during the service is fine.

Got more questions?
No problem, please give us a phone call on 07 4051 1070 or email us here.

The sacrament of Baptism, sometimes called ‘Christening’, is available to those who want to become a member of God’s family or who would like their infant child to be made a member of God’s family. Baptism is not to be entered into lightly. The person being baptised, or the parents and the Godparents (on behalf of the infant child) should be prepared to make promises on behalf of themselves or an infant. A meeting with the clergy will take place before the baptism to prepare the candidate (or the parents of an infant) and also to gather the information for the Baptism Certificate to be prepared.

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